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    DRS is the easiest non-mydriatic, digital retinal imager in the market.

    drs-logo Thanks to its fully automated operation, DRS requires minimal operator training. Its compact, ergonomic design and low power flash help ensure patient comfort. DRS is conceived to maximize patients flow work and it is entirely operated through its intuitive touch-screen interface. It supports single -or multi- field acquisition protocols, providing seven different 45° fields. It can be used both for screening and diagnosis.

    Key Features

    • Extreme ease of use: patient auto-sensing, auto-alignement, auto-focus
    • Auto flash adjustment, auto-capture
    • Compact & clean design
    • Short exam time: captures both eyes in 1′ (single field)
    • High quality images
    • Minimal training required
    • No additional PC required
    • Touch-screen operation
    • Internet-native

  • drs-logo

    DRSplus confocal fundus imaging system by CENTERVUE uses white LED illumination to produce TrueColor and detail-rich images, setting a new effective and efficient standard of Retinal Imaging.
    Confocal imaging is well known in ophthalmology as standard of high image quality. The main characteristic of confocality is to reduce or suppress any scattered or reflected light outside the focal plane. Thanks to this feature, DRSplus guarantees increased image sharpness, better optical resolution and greater contrast when compared to traditional fundus camera imaging. More over, the system uses a white light LED source, which includes the entire visible spectrum, to illuminate the retina and to capture TrueColor fundus images characterized by colours close to reality.
  • eidon-logo

    EIDON is the first system to combine the advantages of SLO with the fidelity of true color imaging, setting new performance standards in retinal imaging. EIDON provides unsurpassed image quality, 60° field in a single exposure, a unique, live, confocal view of the retina, three different imaging modalities and dilation-free operation, all integrated in a versatile system that provides new opportunities in retinal diagnostics. The device is operated via a tablet with a multi-touch, high resolution, color display; it works with a dedicated software application and operates as a standalone unit. A joystick is provided when manual operation of the device is desired.

    Key Features

    • Extreme ease of use: patient auto-sensing, auto-alignment, auto-focus.
    • All-in-one compact design, no additional PC required (Small footprint) standalone operation.
    • Local storage of Patients information and images.
    • Tablet operated
    • Short exam time: captures one eye in less than 1′ (single field)
    • Multiple imaging techniques with different light sources
    • True color images
    • 60° in a single exposure, widefield mosaic out to 110° in automatic mode and 150° in manual mode
  • eidon AFeidon-AF


    Eidon AF represents the natural evolution of Eidon TrueColor Confocal Scanner, including all its features and functionalities, preserving its unsurpassed quality of image, and adding autofluorescence imaging capabilities. Eidon AF with Autofluorescence capability is now an extraordinary tool for obtaining multiple types of highvalue information from multiple imaging modalities:
    • White illumination is able to provide high-quality TrueColor imaging
    • Red-free is useful to enhance the detail of the retinal vasculature and retinal nerve fiber layer
    • Infrared light provides information corresponding to the choroid
    • Autofluorescence allows the assessment of the Retinal Pigment Epithelial (RPE) layer

    Key Features

    • Includes all features and functionalities of EIDON technology, adding auto-fluorescence imaging capabilities
    • Provides confocality based on scanning line
    • Presents the highest pixel resolution (14 MP sensor) for a confocal system
    • Captures 60° autofluorescence image with a single flash of light
    • Mosaic function provides Wide field up to 110° autofluorescence images
    • Operates in fully automatic or manual mode
  • maiamaia-modello
    maiaMAIA represents the latest advance in confocal microperimetry. Retinal images are acquired by Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy (SLO). An eye tracker allows accurate, real-time, compensation of eye movements. Luminance levels are compliant with existing standards (1000 asb.). MAIA is highly automated, very easy to use, non mydriatic and combines the best aspects of its predecessors. Similarly to Standard Automated Perimetry (SAP), MAIA measures light sensitivity of the retina by projecting Goldmann III stimuli over different retinal locations within the field of view. The main difference and great advantage over SAP is that retinal sensitivity is measured while simultaneously imaging the retina in real time. Retinal images, created by SLO technology, are processed by an eye tracker to calculate and compensate eye shifts (fixation losses) occurring during visual field measurement, in both physiological and pathological conditions. Fixation analysis is the second, fundamental, outcome of of the Maia eye tracker. MAIA performs different types of microperimetry tests with supra and full-threshold strategies, and follow-up test to monitor functional progression. Each exam provides a measure of retinal sensitivity and fixation analysis (stability and position of the Preferred Retinal Locus). The MAIA sensitivity scale is 0 to 36 dB.
    Benefits Features
    Sensitive to functional changes due to macular pathologies even in the early stages maia-benefits-features-arrow 36 dB measurement range, 25 Hz eye tracker, 4 asb background, normative intervals
    Easy interpretation maia-benefits-features-arrow Comparison with normative intervals and Normal – Suspect - Abnormal indicators
    Patient comfort maia-benefits-features-arrow Test can be paused and automatically restarted at any time
    Facilitates correct diagnostic decision maia-benefits-features-arrow Overlay of structural and functional information
    Highly repeatable maia-benefits-features-arrow 25 Hz eye tracking + high resolution confocal imaging
    High quality imaging maia-benefits-features-arrow Confocal SLO imaging (25 microns optical resolution)