iCare MAIA and S-MAIA confocal microperimeters

Key features

  • 25 Hz eye-tracking with confocal SLO imaging
  • Pre-programmed and custom tests
  • Sensitivity and fixation indexes, illustrative sensitivity, and fixation maps
  • Informative examination and progression reports
  • 2.5 mm minimum pupil size
  • Patients with cataract (up to grade 3+) and media opacities can be examined
  • Auto-focus (from -15D to +10D)
  • Sensitive to functional changes due to macular pathologies or treatments even in early stages (background down to <0.0001 asb, threshold range 36 dB)
  • Simple to use, patients can be tested in less than 3 minutes per eye
  • S-MAIA includes also scotopic testing with cyan and red stimuli