Auto / Ref Keratometer

///Auto / Ref Keratometer
  • Grand Seiko Auto Kerato-Refractometer GR-2100/3100K
    GR-3100K    : Auto Kerato-Refractometer GR-2100       : Auto Refractometer GR-3100K/GR-2100 has the functions that makes it easier to use and very practical, for both the inexperienced user and the expert.
  • Grand Seiko GR-3300K Auto Kerato-Refractometer
    Grand Seiko Auto Kerato-Refractometer GR-3500KA : Auto Focus, Auto Tracking Kerato-Refractometer GR-3300K    : Auto Kerato-Refractometer GR-2200       : Auto Refractometer
  • Auto Ref / Keratometer

    ARK-1s / 1a / 1

    • Accurate refraction measurement
    • VA measurement with glare test (available for the ARK-1s)
    • Simple opacity assessment with retroillumination image (available for the ARK-1s / 1a)
    • Patient-friendly accommodation measurement (available for the ARK-1s / 1a)
    • Keratometry measurement with mire ring
  • oculus_park1oculus_park1
    Non-Contact Pachymeter Autorefractometer Keratometer User-friendly Features Big Touchscreen for Intuitive Operation Your Advantages at a Glance
    • All three measurements in a few seconds
    • Winner of the “reddot award” for ergonomic and stylish design
    • Built-in printer for quick printouts
    • Integrated data administration software for customer and patient data management
    • Touchscreen
    • Automatic measurement of:
      • PD (pupil distance)
      • HWTH (horizontal white-to-white)
      • Pupil diameter
      • Examination quality factor (QF)
    • Motorized adjustable head and chinrest
  • accuref_k900
    In the pursuit of quality and ergonomics, the highest level of perfection and beauty has been achieved. Cool Design & User Friendly! This is new “SHIN-NIPPON” Standard.
  • Accuref_K9003D
    A Human Approach to Design & Comfort Next Generation Hybrid Concept Auto Refkeratometer