Retinal Imaging

//Retinal Imaging
  • iCare COMPASS Automated Perimeter with active Retinal Tracking

    Key features
    • Standard automated perimetry
    • Active retinal tracking compensating for poor patient fixation in real-time
    • Auto-focus — no trial lens needed
    • Hygienic design
    • Illustrative fixation analysis; fixation area and plot
    • High-resolution confocal TrueColor imaging of the retina
    • No dilation of pupil needed, the patient can blink freely and the test can be suspended at any time without data loss
    • Ease of use & minimal operator training
  • iCare DRS automated digital retinography system

    Key features
    • Fully automated: patient autosensing, auto-alignment, auto-focus, auto flash adjustment, auto-capture
    • Short exam time
    • High quality color and Red-free images
    • Minimal training required
    • Compact and clean design
    • No additional PC required
    • Touch-screen operation
  • iCare EIDON widefield TrueColor Confocal fundus imaging system

    Key features
    • Multiple imaging modalities including TrueColor, blue, red and Red-Free and infrared confocal images
    • Widefield, ultra-high-resolution imaging
    • Capability to image through cataract and media opacities
    • Dilation-free operation (minimum pupil 2.5 mm)
    • Flexibility of fully automated and fully manual mode
    • All-in-one compact design, no additional PC required
  • iCare EIDON AF

    iCare EIDON AF blue autofluorescence confocal fundus imaging system

    Key features

    • TrueColor, blue autofluorescence, infrared and RGB channels confocal images
    • Panoramic view of the retinal autofluorescence (up to 110°)
    • High details and contrast in the same device
    • Short exam time and enhanced patient comfort
    • Easy to use, speeds up patient workflow
  • retinastationretinastation
    HIGHLY EFFECTIVE RETINAL EXAM The RetinaStation system is a fully-automatic, non-mydriatic 45° retinal imaging device with an eye to the 3 smart features. Retinal examination has been proven useful in diabetic retinal disease, cardiovascular disorder and other clinical cases. Nikon has taken additional steps to enhance such applications. Under its retinal imaging project, Nikon is working on brand-new retinal imaging devices.