Grand Seiko Auto Kerato-Refractometer GR-2100/3100K

  • Grand Seiko Auto Kerato-Refractometer GR-2100/3100K

Grand Seiko Auto Kerato-Refractometer GR-2100/3100K

GR-3100K    : Auto Kerato-Refractometer

GR-2100       : Auto Refractometer

GR-3100K/GR-2100 has the functions that makes it easier to use and very practical, for both the inexperienced user and the expert.

Color LCD Display
By using the color display, it becomes easier to see and confirm the alignment.

By using the Icon, it becomes easier to operate even if the person has never used the instrument.

Focus Guiding System(GR-2100K Only)
You can bring to the focus easily while you are looking at the arrow. When the arrow is gone, it is focused perfectly.

Auto Start
When it is focused, the instrument will take the measurement automatically. After the both eyes are measured, it starts printing automatically.

Printer with Automatic Cutter
The printout can be taken off easily and cleanly since it cuts the printing paper automatically.

RS-232C Interface
The measurement data can be sent to the external machines, like computer. By using the measurement data collection software, the data can be sent to the spreadsheet automatically (Option).

Measurement of Tonic Accommodation
GR-2100/GR-3100K are the first Auto Refractor in the world with the
function to measure the Tonic Accommodation. Traditionally, it must be measured in a special room by showing an “EMPTY FIELD”. But, with this function, it can be done very easily Now.

Relax Function
By using the Relax Function, it can reduce the margin of measurement
error,which occurs with strain.

Measurement of Corneal Peripheral (GR-3100K Only)
Since the measurement of Corneal Peripheral is done automatically in a second, it is very useful for the selection of base curve of Contact Lens.
As small as 2.3mm Pupil Diameter can be measured.
With the addition of IOL Mode, the measurement under difficult conditions
becomes much easier.