Riester 3990 All Pupil ll Wireless BIO with Charger

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Riester 3990 All Pupil ll Wireless BIO with Charger

Riester Wireless All Pupil II with lithium battery pack and charging station.
Unique performance and operating comfort.

High-contrast, clear images with the world‘s leading Keeler optics.
Riester's All Pupil ll uses specially coated and individually laser-cut lens for best sight – every day.

Light and comfortable
Riester's indirect ophthalmoscope only weighs 520 gram wireless (cable corded version 420g) and is equipped with a particularly soft, cushioned and comfortable headband.

Simple operating elements
All Pupil ll only has a unique single control to change aperture size and position in one movement to view through all pupil sizes.

IR and UV filter
An IR and UV filter is integrated for the patient’s best possible protection. Easy and fast bulb replacement.
Easily accessible bulbs enable rapid bulb replacement for uninterrupted work.

Easy and fast change of the bulb
The bulb is easy to reach and very simple to replace. By this you can work with almost no brakes.

Extraordinary adjustable light intensity even under the most difficult examination conditions, simple adjustment
Why have operating elements on the wall when the instrument is on your head! All Pupil II features operating elements on the brow band and enables ergonomically adjustable xenon lighting up to 2000 Lux, which can be turned down to 2%.

Wide-angle diffuser
The wide-angle diffuser eliminates shadows at the edge of the lens, which enlarges the field of vision considerably. The light through the diffuser is also more pleasant for the patient.

Fundus display with a Volk lens (available on request)

Cable connected or wireless power supply (patent pending)

All Pupil II is available in various versions.

Either with wall attachment and cable connected power supply for stationary use, as a mobile version with high-performance battery pack attached to the belt or as a completely wireless version for absolute freedom of movement without compromise. In this version a balanced Li-ion battery pack is attached to the rear of the browband.

For best comfort while maintaining full lighting performance.