KH SLM-2er 5 Steps 40x Slit Lamp

Ophthalmology And Optometry Slit Lamp

  • SLM-2 ER-E Slit Lamp

KH SLM-2er 5 Steps 40x Slit Lamp

Galileo parallel design for using, five magnifications14mm aperture provides broader and clearer field of view

High sensitivity professional objective lens

German industrial bulb, high brightness without harsh, quick heat dispersion, also provide the low heating, high brightness and even lighting.

International standard accessory interface which can connect kinds of ocular posterior segment laser adapter and foldman tonometer

Digital upgrading interface. Can upgrade to digital slit lamp

Excellent optics performance, versatility and ease of use

Stereo variator, besretinal view even through small pupils

Ergonomic, wide aperture optics for fatigue free daily use

  • Professional image analyzing, processing and management system; professional optics with CCD
  • Professional optics with CCD
  • Support for imaging & refractive devices
  • Advanced image processing tools and management system
  • Advanced query possibilities on database
  • It is possible to use previously obtained data as a starting point for further operations.
  • The windows for captures and for viewing images are TAB based,which provide a good overview
  • Most important feature is the creation of advanced queries in the patient database.
  • Professional software with video function
  • Background illumination system;
  • Flash function
  • DICOM compliant

Technical Specifications

Technical Specification
Model Digital Slit Lamp with CCD SLM-3ER
Microscope Type Galileo Parallel
Image Capturing Way CCD
Background Illumination Yes
Magnification Change Way Drum Five Magnifications
Eyepiece Magnification 12.5x
Total Magnifications 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x,40x
Diopter Adjustment -5D ~+5D
Illumination 5 Steps and Step less Optional
Slit Width 0-14MM Continuous
Slit Height 1-14MM Continuous
Slit Angle 0°- 180° Adjustable
Slit Inclination Angle 5°10°15°20°
Light Source High Light Source
Light Spot Diameter 0.2mm,  1mm, 2mm, 5mm, 10mm, 14mm
Filter Heat Absorption; Grey; Redfree; Cobalt Blue
Fixation Red LED
Illumination Bulb German OSRAM Halogen Tungsten Lamp
Input Voltage 110V/220V (±10%)
Input Power 60VA
Diffuse Lens Yes
Preset Lens Yes
Laser Interface Yes
Applanation Tonometer Interface Yes