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  • Frey tn-100


Frey Non-contact Tonometer TN-100 is a modern diagnostic device, featuring fast, accurate examinations ensuring optimal levels of patient comfort undergoing noninvasive measurement of intraocular pressure. TN-100 measurement is fully automated, saving time for user and patient.


Frey TN-100

 Auto alignment and auto shot

TN-100 is easy and intuitive to use, including inexperienced users. Alignment and measurement are automated, with simple hand adjustment of the joystick towards the patient‘s eye to commence automatic examination.



embedded patient database

Embedded patient database

Patient data storage capability and measurement values for 4000 patient data base included. Patient examination record and database is available immediately upon completion of examination. Individual patient examination or entire patient history can printed with simple one touch. Internal printer simplifies record keeping.


SD card

SD card

SD card is available for data backup on external memory device. The card can be also used to transfer patient data from TN-100 to the PC. Installation version of Windows software for database management is available on SD delivered with TN-100.


Result printed

Multiple patient test results can be printed at once

Large internal memory allows for secure storage patient measurement history. The operator can choose between printing last result of patient measurement or to print complete patient history stored in device memory.


soft air puff

Soft air puff and silent operation

To maximize patient comfort during the measurement, air puff has been optimized to be soft and silent.



lcd display

Large LCD display

East to use, intuitive operation of TN-100 features a 7” color LCD capacities touch screen. User interface software is optimized for each function, clearly displaying all measurement data guiding the User through the measurement process from the alignment of the eye, to the display of the readings. TN-100 menus and device options are easily accessed and simple to navigate.


chin rest

 Electrically driven measurement head and chin-rest

Electrically driven chin-rest allows easy adjustment of patient position and assures stable position during IOP measurement. Wide range of measurement head movement allows measurement both eyes without need to change patient position.



precise manual control

Precise manual control

For manual operation, joystick allows User to manually control position of measurement head, with push button conveniently located on top of the joystick to release air puff.

Technical Data

IOP measurement range 0 – 60 mmHg
Printer Termal
Print width 57 mm
Printing papier role diameter 35 mm
Display Color TFT LCD with capacitive touch screen
Resolution : 800 x 480
Size : 7″, 165 x 104 mm
External memory SD card
Internal memory Capacity : 4000 patient
Data format for exporting : XML
Chinrest Electrically driven
Travel distance : 69 mm
Measurement head travel distance 85 mm ( left / right )
40 mm ( front / back )
50mm ( up / down)
Weight 18 kg
Dimension W/S/D 460 x 300 x 480 mm


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